Love & Money
How To Do Both & Be Happy


We know travel is big business. It makes a lot of money. The global travel market is worth $1.6 trillion, according to WiT’s sister company, Phocuswright.

It creates a lot of jobs – WTTC says it accounted for 10.4% of global GDP and 313 million jobs, or 9.9% of total employment, in 2017.

So it’s a good industry to be part of. Even better is if you are part of the online travel space – and if you’re not, well then you should seriously consider it and attend our event.

Travel is continuing its shift online with a global average of 44% penetration (Phocuswright), with lots of headroom for growth especially in Asia.


The beautiful thing about travel in Asia is its diversity. It’s made up of many little pieces. It is said that in the hotel market, almost 90% is non-branded, independent players. Think of how that’s changed with the rise of alternative accommodation.

Imagine too the make-up of the local tours & activities market. That’s even more diverse and fragmented. Beyond the theme parks and major attractions, there are countless local experiences being created by entrepreneurs across Asia. Think too how that’s changed with the rise of peer-to-peer platforms.


At the heart of all this is love. Those who create the experiences – be it in accommodation, tours & activities, cafes, restaurants, lifestyle, retail, music, movies – the indie world of travel, they usually do it out of love (or the other word, passion).

They are entrepreneurs, dreamers and makers to whom sometimes, money is almost secondary. “Let’s do it first and worry about the money later” is the common refrain.


But in today’s world, money need not be a dirty word. The democratization of the web and the singularity of the mobile has made it possible for small and medium businesses to find, if not their moonshot, then their own star in the sky.

Love and money can indeed go together, in the online travel world. Yes, do it for love but if you can find people who love what you do and are willing to fund you or pay for your service and product, even better.

WiT Indie 2019

And of course, love for food. It is Penang, after all.

WiT Indie 2019 will bring the two worlds of love and money together and create solid content that will inspire you, give you insights and actionable tips and find solutions to your problems in our workshops.

Love for unique experiences

How to create them.

Love for stories

How to tell them.

Love for tech

How to use tools and channels to market and distribute.

Love for money

How to increase revenues and drive profitability for your business. How to find money and make it love you.

Love for startups

How to run a successful travel tech startup.

Love for the future

How to inspire and mentor talent.

WiT Indie 2019 is happening in Penang on 15th of March